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A great audience deserves a great announcer / /

"The announcer and the DJ in the arena should do all other competitions from now on." / / posted by @kh_14 on Twitter


"I have three words to say to you about the Antwerp arena announcer: Belgian Liam Neeson."  / / posted by @ozgymblog on Twitter


"Yes! Arena announcer has a great combination of info, fun facts, and even humor!"   / / posted by @jovialjacki on Twitter


"Seriously, this guy is my favorite announcer EVER! If you want to marry him ladies, take your place at the back of the que."

  / /posted by @beamdreams on Twitter


"The annoucer in the arena is fantastic! Don't you agree?"   / / posted by @shutupbuck on Twitter


"I'm going to miss the #FIG2013Antwerp @sportpaleis arena announcer most of all. Hearing him end the meet was like breaking up with a boyfriend."   / / posted by @hookedupcrochet on Twitter


“This guy is the BEST. I seriously want him to be the announcer at every competition.” / / posted by forcedrhyme on tumblr


“I’ve never seen such an enthusiastic public at Worlds. Every Worlds should have a DJ and this announcer.”   / / posted by Sohalia on intlgymnast forum


“I want to give him a medal. His announcements were so much better than NBC’s commentators. Heck, they were better than ANY of the commentators, even BBC.”   / / posted by forcedrhyme on tumblr


“This announcer is the best part of Worlds. I love him. I want to take him home and have him narrate my life.”    / / posted by decencybedamned on tumblr


“Yes I love this announcer. FIG should hire him permanently!”   / / posted by Agags on intlgymnast forum


(About the World Championships in Nanning, China)   “I bet I am going to miss the transition music just as much as I miss the antwerp announcer.”    / / posted by nastiasliukin on tumblr

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